First designed by Graeme Gunn, this  apartment foyer was redecorated in the 1980s. The brief for Michael Jan Studio was to modernise the interior whilst paying due respect to the original design.

Although small, the foyer incorporates two spaces with distinct functional imperatives: the first allows access to letterboxes and storerooms; and the second inner space with lift entry controlled by security access. Considering the utility required, and the traffic created by various groups using the space (owners, guests, service people and furniture removalists) a robust and practical design was essential whilst appreciating a constrained budget and requisite sympathy for the original foyer. Our builder, BT Molz, delivered to the restricted budget with quality workmanship. The completed project has successfully created a welcoming and modern space - timber and polished steel finishes update the foyer and create a beautiful and functional segue into the building interior.

Completed 2015