Importing Japanese Minka & Kura Houses

Some years ago a friend gave me a book called Minka – My Farmhouse in Japan. The book was by an American journalist who purchased a traditional timber Minka, had it dismantled with all components numbered and then stored until he found a vacant block of land where he would eventually erect it and then live in it.

On a recent trip to Japan, I made it my business to find a building company who specialised in the dismantling and erection of the Minka and the Kura (small grain store houses) as I wanted to investigate the possibilities of bringing one back to Australia. As I enjoy the concept of adding modern to the traditional existing, here I wanted to import and then erect a small traditional Minka on a large site somewhere in Victoria and then to add a modern extension to it, much like adding a new extension to a Victorian or Edwardian house. I am putting the idea out to find one client who might have the interest, tenacity, budget and enjoyment of doing this exercise.