My client has lived in this three storey terrace with an A grade heritage listing for a decade and knows the house well. This intimate knowledge of the home afforded them the ability to construct a brief which incorporates their desired use of old spaces in a newly configured design. Although the client retains affection for the restorative aspects of Victorian architectural details like cornices, skirtings etc, they also wanted a modern and luxurious edge to their home. Original walls which were a single skin of brickwork needed to be thickened to give the structure a more substantial feeling of quality. Cornices selected were larger and new openings are to have a curved vertical edge to soften the feeling of the new spaces.

The project is currently underway. The Victorian scaled ground floor rooms are to be integrated by tall rectangular proportioned openings into a continuous space, providing kitchen, eating, outdoor deck and sitting rooms. The first floor will be transformed into their master suite with a large ensuite bathroom, dressing rooms and study and the basement is to become an entertaining space with guest bedrooms.

Under construction 2015 

The images below are "before" shots (construction phase) - images from the completed project will follow.