As part of an exciting and innovative project to raise funds for the beautiful heritage listed Villa Alba museum, Michael Jan Studio was invited as one of a select group of designers to decorate a room in the historic house.

Allocated one of the large rooms on the first floor of the mansion, the brief was to present an insertion into the space without attaching to any of the carefully preserved original surfaces. The resultant design was a creative application of utilitarian objects juxtaposed by the Villa’s decoration from the final quarter of the 19th century.

A featured artwork by contemporary Melbourne artist David Palliser was painted on sheets of core fluting and then rested against the wall with steel angles for support. Concealed floor lighting illuminated this beautiful artwork. The red room divider/storage was constructed of six building blocks of pre cut polystyrene which were then finished in a red flocking. The blocks were stacked to form the room divider/storage object. The stainless steel bed was designed with slots in the mattress, which provided optional location points to insert the spine of the tabletop and stainless steel back rests for cushions.  In front of the window stands a light stainless steel frame which supported a window seat and curtains and the study area shelving was made from stacked rectangular steel buckets. 

Completed 1999